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Sunday, July 10, 2016

It’s Not That Easy

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I started my day reading a post from Pernille Ripp entitled If Not Now where she explains that change will only come if we all speak up. She says she is not sure how she got to be someone others sometimes listen to but she advises that even if we may not think of our voices as are nothing special a and we have no business speaking up, if we see injustice and believe in our own self worth, we must speak.

As someone who has spent the majority of my career speaking up, I want to shed light on why Pernille and others who speak up are sometimes listened to and why it’s not that easy.

Why it’s not that easy

When you speak up, you put yourself out there and you are vulnerable to attack. This is not easy to endure. For example, I have helped many parents opt their children out of standardized testing when the testing was harming their children. These parents and I were berated by other parents who believed parents had no right to speak up for their children’s education. You can see examples of those posts here and here. In each case, despite the fact that their children could suffer health risks if taking the tests other parents lashed out at these parents and me for standing up for their children.
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