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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Free Google Apps Training for All with @Synergyse

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Innovative educators sometimes express frustration that their students and/or colleagues come to them without the foundational skills to use basic applications like documents, spreadsheets, presentations, productivity tools like email and calendars, and other applications like video conferencing, website creation, and engaging in online communities.  It’s as though everyone was magically supposed to come to them knowing how to use these complex technologies, but when is time set aside for them to learn?

Some districts and organizations were fortunate to have funding for products like Synergyse which provides interactive training directly inside apps, but for most, the $10 per person, per year, placed such options out of reach. Rather than users being able to get on-demand support for just those skills they needed, to learn to use basic applications in the old-fashioned, whole group, sit-and-get style. With schools and organizations having users at all different skill levels, this learning method is not very efficient.

Fear not!

This week, Synergyse is joining Google. This means the in app training will be available to all Google users at no cost. You can read the announcement here.

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