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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

4 Ideas For Gathering Feedback To Help You Do Your Job Better

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How are you getting feedback that helps you be the best you can be in your job? Many employees simply rely on existing structures to receive feedback. This can be a problem; in some cases there are no structures and in others the formal evaluations or performance reviews do not solicit constructive, useful advice. That’s because often with formal structures, the methods used can be sterile, inauthentic, and unhelpful.

There are numerous articles written about why evaluation tools like 360 or frameworks like Danielson are not effective. Main issues are that sporadic observations or feedback often provided by superiors who aren’t themselves qualified to do your job or teach your subject are not generally accurate or useful. Another is that individuals generally know their strengths and weaknesses. Pointing them out isn’t particularly helpful. Providing realistic ways to build on strengths or overcome weaknesses is helpful, but generally missing from such evaluations.  

Innovative educators are proactive when it comes to getting feedback that helps them be their best at their jobs. So, what are some effective ways to elicit feedback?  

Here are a few ideas.
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