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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Learning Without Teachers, Textbooks, or Tests - A Personal Case Study

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When it comes to learning, we’ve come a long way. We no longer have to go to a person or place to learn. Static textbooks are looked upon with dread by 21st century learners. Outdated multiple choice assessments are seen as a waste of time. Real-world, meaningful tasks are prefered. But, what does it mean if we no longer need the traditional elements, teachers, textbooks, and tests, to learn? How might our learning structures change?  To wrap our heads around this, I decided I would provide a real-life learning venture and share how I pursued my latest interest. Being Vegan.

I had heard of Veganism, but never really thought about it much until two things happened.

  1. I spent a week in Israel as part of the VibeIsrael / VibeEdu learning tour and learned it is the Vegan capital of the world.
  2. I spent a week on vacation with a Vegan.

I was intrigued and wanted to learn more. Here is my learning journey.

Face-to-Face Friend
I started with my Vegan friend. She called it compassionate living. Hmmm...Interesting.  I’m compassionate. At least I think I am. Maybe I’m not eating compassionately.  If I think about it, eating animals that were killed isn’t too compassionate. What I didn’t understand was the problem with milk, cheese, eggs and other dairy products. I asked her how she got started on learning about all this.

She explained that the best route for her to get started was via Meetups. She went to several.(such as the ones below) and connected with a face-to-face network that helped her start learning and living this type of lifestyle.
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