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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Stop Herding Students By Bells - Teach Them These 4 Calendar Tips + Mistakes to Avoid

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If there is anything innovative educators and their students need more of, it’s time. Always on the go, teaching and learning new things with new people in a variety of places. Those places may be physical spaces, phone calls, Skype, Hangouts, and more. Start the New Year off right by resolving to make calendar invites that save everyone time by being as complete and accurate as possible.

While creating a calendar invite might seem like common sense, this post was brought about, because the majority of calendar invites I receive contain at least one of the nine mistakes listed below. Don’t let that happen again. Give this post to new hires, secretaries, new partners, have it lying around the school or office. If you are a teacher, TEACH this to your students.

Important note for teachers and administrators: We must stop training students to move around according to the bells required for industrial age jobs and start teaching them calendar creation and management. 21st century schools need to ditch the bells and begin using the systems and technology of the modern world.

So, let's begin. Here is how to create a proper calendar invite.  

Hopefully you know how to get started, but if not, here is how in two common calendar formats.
Select "New Appointment"
Select "Create"

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